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Creo Conversion Services

Chemionix offers various type of Mechanical & Sheetmetal Design Services using Creo, that range from real simple drawing conversion either from old paper drawings or 2D CAD files in .dwg format to advanced dealing that fits your technical requirements while producing the right set of project deliverables. We can also develop 3D Creo model from your conceptual drawings & design which can be used for finalizing your product including developing 2D manufacturing drawings including bill of material sheet.

We can develop projects of different sizes or complexity, with the help of proven Creo Technology, and are confident in delivering the best to you. Relying on Creo flexibility and power in getting the job done on time and budget, helps us be confident enough on working with any kind of deliverables required.

With experienced Mechanical Engineers having good experience working on Creo software, we support all types and scales of project for developing 3D Model Or 2D detailed drawings for working on your project. We work for professionals in any disciplines on projects of every and any type with the help of a variety of data input formats like DWG, PDF, STP, etc for converting these files to Creo Models.

CREO Model Design process involves:

  • Studying the existing 2D Designs and Drawings provided by Clients
  • Developing Tracker identifying parts, Sub-Assembly and Assembly for the Product
  • Generating CREO Model as per the 2D drawings and Tracker mentioned above
  • Producing 2D Fabrication Drawing from the 3D CREO Model
  • QC and Markup Client 2D Drawing for any mismatch / Errors
  • Creo Conversion Services
  • CREO 3D Model
  • Creo Software - 3D Model

Understanding how Creo Conversion really works, basically is an application based on the parametric modelling approach. This means, it used parameters, features, and dimensions to enable design automation and design optimization, while also taking care of the product development process. For many business people with family-based or platform-driven product strategy, the use of this approach helps to understand the need to perform a successful design process, which is nothing but a prescriptive design strategy.

Creo has a different analysis tool that helps with the development of the product. This includes human factors, mould flow, manufacturing tolerance and design optimization. When it comes to manufacturing, the app consists of tooling options for the use of moulding, die-casting and progressive tooling design.

While acquiring a team that possess a mastery of leading-edge technologies, we work on the necessary skills to offer our clients basic to advanced levels of services. Understanding how every client empowers their unique requirements and projects, we aim at giving out our best match team, while instilling a flexible culture. We strive to adhere to quality demands, budgetary constraints, project schedules, etc. We're dedicated to meeting project goals, whilst committing to developing long-lasting business relationships with great and excellent customer service.

We completely understand the importance of standing behind our output quality, services and pricing. We give our all to acquire and to enroot 100% customer satisfaction. As a result, we seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients and value all the business opportunities. When you Outsource Creo Conversion, you're getting in a lot of help and guidance for your project.

How does this work for you and us? Well, we approach every individual conversion optimization project with a unique plan and a combination of data analysis, testing. This helps us in ensuring our clients receive improved results and a great return on investment.

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