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As Built Modelling Design Services

Chemionix offers as-built drafting services by conducting discipline-specific site surveys. This involves a combination of as-built drawings and document markups, also an updating series of 3D models, documents, and drawings. We help engineering plants and EPC companies create a revised set of as-built drawings for the use of construction by appropriately plotting the dimensions and locations of work-in-progress also with completed tasks. We also offer as-built documentation services for the structural design of new construction projects so time and money are saved on all plans.

Our As-built modelling & drafting services include:

  • Listings of orthographic drawings of building structures for highlighting material, design and dimensions across the sides, front or rear face.
  • Access to the latest and licensed technology tools like laser scanning. This helps in reducing time and effort.
  • Field verification from existing building plans.
  • Field verification from modelling.

Why outsource As-Built Modelling services to Chemionix?

We help by providing services on par with international standards and profit-driven project. We also provide you with a host of reasons to partner with us, which out of the many a few are:

  • Global Delivery Centers
  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • High-Quality Services
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Data Security
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Expert Team

We provide you with As-built BIM models that capture the change that can take place at the construction phase. An integrated As-built BIM model is used to incorporate change and alteration of information. Our methodology includes:

  • Data Processing
  • 2D As-Built Drawings
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Additional Semantic Information
  • Contractor/ Subcontractor Markups
  • As-Built BIM Deliverables

Chemionix is committed to providing revolutionizing advantages of BIM, with an aim to develop and utilize contemporary BIM process and solutions for the domain of building construction. Innovation is what we seek and by exploring our knowledge base, we acquire the best customer experience

We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the requirements have been precisely defined, making sure an in-depth understanding of all side is done. Any sort of omissions and errors, can cause further problems during the production or may even worsen during the implementation/startup. We make sure, we aren't just listening but are thoroughly implementing these tasks into creating a bang-on project.