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Basic Engineering Design Services

Basic Engineering Design services is most important engineering design activity for working on any Greenfield or Brownfield projects. Chemionix, which primarily deals in providing engineering design and several other related services, has been offering basic engineering design services for various sectors of industry to its client in India and around the globe.

Chemionix has many years of experience in the preparation of Basic Engineering Design Packages (BED) that enable new project & process technology to be commercialized for the first time. The conceptual design services involves the development of various plans or diagrams that have a great concept regarding the task a particular project needs. Conceptual engineering design services helps to create various engineering packages that can provide various designing services to the clients without any delay. Chemionix has availed a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who uniquely identify such packages and help the people to get the services in the most efficient manner.

Engineering document developed during this course of project provides comprehensive process design report useful for preparing detail engineering design service package or design scope manual. Few task address in this state

  • Preliminary site layouts.
  • Preliminary architectural & Structural design approach.
  • Process design basic development, Process flow diagrams, material movement analysis
  • Equipment duty specification & Data sheet development.
  • Electrical loads basis for HT & LT schematic design,
  • Instrumentation design approach
  • Equipment, piping, & utility evaluation for use in new process.
  • Utility system evaluation.
  • Initial risk assessment & Process hazard study.
  • Establishment an overall design basis for new or expansion projects at integrate design approach.
  • Safety designs
  • Effluent generation and disposal mechanism
  • Updated capital cost estimation and CAPEX evaluation upto 20% accuracy.

Few of additional key engineering design offered by Chemionix for undertaking basic engineering design packages includes:

  • Basic Engineering Design Services
  • Conceptual Engineering Design
  • Project design Services

Conceptual Engineering Design Services - Technology Evaluation:

  • Chemionix Process team study the process in detail & with rich experience of various process design emphasize the balance between practical & theory. Our process team become integral part of R&D lab trial to asses the process on plant scale and provide desired input for successful technology transfer from Laboratory to Plant. Chemionix team has rich experience in process design industry for scale up operations & effective design.

Process Flow & Utility Diagram:

  • Process flow diagram indicated general flow of plant process, material movement & process equipments. Utility line diagram represent the requirement of various utility & indicates the distribution of utility in plant. This task provides the first glimpse of actual plant to be designed & commissioned.

Architectural Design Basis:

  • Special consideration is provided at Basic engineering design stage for Architectural and Civil design services. Existing site or newly purchased sites is extensively studied by our experienced engineers for land leveling, approach roads, drain connections, manpower and material movement analysis. Our team approaches any project at this stage for an excellent architectural design basis considering to satisfy all the local codes and standards applicable along with design basis for construction of new project at optimum cost.

Chemionix has been responsible for setting up standards for delivering successful basic engineering drawings and document for its clients worldwide. Contact us for offering of design services for working on your project.