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Meet Our Team

A Client-Centric Approach With Exceptional Solutions

We're a team of excellent designers, contractors, engineers and managers. We search for simple yet eloquent solutions to complex problems. We help minimize Engeering Design and CAD/BIM Drafting cost by simply subtracting the extraneous and keep our eyes on the overall efficiency for the most streamlined designs. “Chemionixites” are driven by an idea, that explains that great work is born out of knowledge, dedication, passion and diligence.

Every member of our extravagant team stands apart from the crowd, with an integrated workforce of architects engineers, CAD drafters and BIM technicians, comprising of the technical expertise, enabling us to provide robust solutions to our clients.

We possess a full-time operating Access Control System that duly monitors the entire production unit and With an increased clarity in design intent, easy testing of design options and understandable distribution of design documentation, we acquire and make an enhanced quality of as-built and handling-over information and easier integration into CAFM systems for maintenance and post-occupancy assessments.

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All our team members have the requisite domain-specific knowledge. This includes proficiency in BIM, CAD and Steel Detailing Software. We make sure, that we keep constant training that allows honing soft and technical skills, whilst helping them stay updated with all the market trends. While you have your trust built with us, we have your success built for you!