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Electrical Panel Design Services

The use of an electric service panel is the connection between external wires from the street and the internal wires of your homes electric system. The service panel is the central distribution point connecting the service wire of the service drop. The other wire is the main, which comes from the outside into the house to the exit wires that split off and service other parts of the house. These exit wires are known as Branch Circuits or Branch Wire Circuits.

This panel is basically a system that distributes electric current to other circuits in a building. Transfering current between circuits while making sure the transfer is a safe one. The panel breaks up electrical power into sub-circuits. Apart from these, the use of an Electrical Panel plays an important role in protecting you against hazardous accidents like short circuits.

These panels come in different components:

  • Protective cover with spaces for the circuit breaker switches
  • Lugs and thick wires that go up and connect to the service drop
  • Open or shut spaces for the extra circuit breaker
  • Outer panel door that swings open
  • The Assortment of wires that run from the circuit breakers all the way to the circuits that service areas of the house.

Chemionix is one of the reckoned business names, indulging in providing outsourcing, engineering and drafting. The material used in our production process purchases through a specialized seller of the market right after solid testing is done on efficiency and reliability.

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Our team of consultants, engineers, detailers and technicians are well-learnt, certified and are variedly experienced to solve every size of the project that includes major sky-high buildings to minor improvisation of drawings. All our works are done with complete precision, hands-on innovativeness and an excellent technical skillset. While we offer our Outsourced Electrical Panel Design Services, we also inspire the young minds for future prospective in Engineering, Construction, etc by guiding them in the right direction at a professional level.

To achieve the overall functionality and productivity goals of a control system and automation, a spectacular and carefully designed electrical engineering foundation is an important step to consider. Chemionix's engineers take into consideration all other aspects of the manufacturing process when producing electrical designs. These steps are undertaken to avoid design flaws that could cause issues down the road. We specialize in many services out of which one is Control Panel Design. We provide initial designs, programming, implementation, training and ongoing support.

We work closely with our customers, ensuring that the control panel design requirements have been precisely defined, making sure an in-depth understanding of all side is done. Any sort of omissions and errors, can cause further problems during the panel production or may even worsen during the implementation/startup. We make sure, we aren't just listening but are thoroughly implementing these tasks into creating a bang-on project.

Our ultimate goal is to provide flawless control panels to all our customers, and this is all done with the help of our highly skilled and trained staff, as well as our log data throughout the process. We make sure all your data are well-reviewed and act accordingly.