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Electrical Design Outsourcing Project


We received this project enquiry for one of our client based in South Africa. The project was for a detailed Electrical Engineering Design for metallurgical project. Basic design & scope manuals we prepared by our client and detail Electrical design was to be completed by our team.

Project challenges include designing this project by South African codes and standard for cables schedule, voltages ratting etc..

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix appointed a Senior Electrical Engineering as project manager for working on this project. To ensure proper communication frequent skype calls were made on regular basis and ftp was set-up for ensuring proper file transfer database for working on this project. Timeline for completing the project was 3 months.

After studying preliminary project design, right electrical engineering design & drafting process were set. Our client provided their standard drafting & engineering document to be followed by our team ensuring the CAD drawings are exactly as per their inhouse standard. Our team successfully completed the project with key design as indicated.

  • Preparing SLD from the load list.
  • Cable size calculations and schedule. Voltage drop calculations, cable tagging etc..
  • Cable tray routing on 3D model. 2D Generation and installation drawings for cable tray and other electrical hookup drawings.
  • Lighting design calculations and lighting layout drawings.
  • Emergency system design, backup power calculations and requirement.
  • MCC Specifications, LDB & ELDB specification.
  • Lighting looping and conduit diagrams.
  • Electrical Bill of Material take-off requirement.
  • H.T design for switchyard, transformer, PCC etc..

The electrical designs were submitted on regular basis and discussed between project managers for approval of the design deliveries. Suggestions and modifications were marked and provided to us for design approval.

Benefit to our Client:

Chemionix team successfully completed this outsourcing project within 3 months delivering approx 1250 manhours of value added engineering design work for our client. The design standard and drawings delivered were as per our clients expectation resulting huge saving for their design cost working on this project.

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