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Process Design Services

Process engineering design services critical is project related with Chemical industry like Pharmaceutical, Specialty manufacturing plants, Food processing units & technical molecules manufacturing industry like Agrochemicals.

Chemionix has team of experience Chemical & Mechanical Engineers experience in designing of process plant and associated equipment design for unit operations. Right process design helps in reducing the project cost by optimum designing parameter, and reducing energy consumption cost, process waste and even safety hazards.

Few key Process Engineering Design Services offered by us:

  • Process design Study for new project or R&D trails. These study are useful in scale-up operations.
  • Generating intelligent Process & Instrumentation Diagram P&ID’s using Intelligent AUTOCAD and MicroStation Softwares

  • Material balance and Energy Balance
  • Process Simulations and Engineering calculations

Mass Transfer Design Parameters:

Distillation column design is one of the most important design services offered by Chemionix. Our process engineering design the distillation column with Computer simulation programs and delivery the design parameters of right column diameters, height, process conditions, feed to reflux ratio etc..
Batch distillation column design is also gaining popularity in batch process industry with right design for achieving batch cycle time for improving productivity & reducing of waste.

  • Continuous Distillation Design.

  • Batch Distillation.
  • Steam Distillation.
  • Gas Absorption.
  • Scrubbing System.

Heat Transfer Design Parameters:

Heat exchange / Condensers design for process industry, evaporator system design, are few design services offered by Chemionix for heat transfer design services. Key features for these design services includes:

  • Determining Heat Transfer Area.
  • Selection & design of suitable heat exchangers.
  • Selection of Suitable M.O.C.
  • Utility Requirement.
  • Falling Film Evaporator.
  • Efficient solvent recovery system.

Fluid Mechanics Design Parameters:

  • Pressure Drop Calculation.
  • 2-Phase flow calculation.
  • Selection of Pumping System.
  • Line Sizing.
  • Stress analysis.

Reactor & Kinetics Design Parameters:

Right Reactor design is very important in batch process industry and Chemionix offer reactor design using latest software technology for right mixing to enhance good product yield, mechanical design for operation parameters, suitable stirring design to ensure right mixing. Key services includes

  • Reactor Designing.
  • Suitable Stirring System.
  • Static Mixer, CSTR Design
  • Reaction Kinetics
  • Full load electric calculations.

Extraction Design Parameters:

  • Solvent extraction.
  • Herbal extraction.
  • Static Columns, Agitated Columns.
  • Noble Metal Extraction ex: Silver Extraction.

Thermodynamic Calculations Design Parameters:

  • Energy Balance.
  • Utility sizing & requirement.
  • Process Thermodynamics.