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MicroStation Drafting Modelling Services

MicroStation is the drafting and 3D modelling software of choice that is used by top Architects and Engineers. It is one of the most advanced 2D and 3D CAD modelling software for the construction and engineering of process plants, mining, etc. The use of such drafting offers you power and suppleness for the use of document, drafting and projects of Gas and Oil industries. It helps users to dependently incorporate existing data and document projects, in order to provide accurate digital and physical deliverables.

Chemionix comprises an efficient engineering designing team that brings in decades of experience in 2D and 2D CAD models, animations, hyper models, workflows drawings, and documentation using Bentley MicroStation software, including OpenPlant Software. Eliminate resourcing needs while reducing your overhead by outsourcing your MicroStation Design & Drafting services to us.

How Do We Do It?

With the help of our highly skilled experts, that provide you with a way to model any design conceivable, to generate beautiful 2D designs, 3D Models, renderings and animations, also providing her models that connect designs to documentation and drawings. The use of MicroStation can help in adding geospatial references and metadata, that links your design to its needed environment. Our design engineers will collaborate with you right from the initial stage of your project while streamlining the entire design process while also increasing productivity.

MicroStation Drafting & Modeling Benefits To Know

  • Our services in terms of MicroStation is a combination of drafting and solid modelling with a variety of contextual features and information.
  • Collaborative review tools that provide you with a way for digital mark-ups to share and manage configuration.
  • Digitize your project using MicroStation software for developing 2D designs and 3D Models, including construction drawings.
  • MicroStation Drafting  Modelling Services
  • Microstation Drafting Services

We Provide You With A Full Suite Of MicroStation Services:

There's a lot more to just the little mentioned above. When you outsource your Microstation design needs to Chemionix, we walk you through a guided process that ensures high-quality deliverables. Our services include the following.

3D Modeling

We make use of MicroStation, in order to develop 3D models with the help of functional and parametric components.

2D Drafting

With the help of MicroStation, detailed developed drawings that would rapidly transition all your designs from concept to completion.

Hyper models

We interpret your 3D models, in order to showcase a complete range of motion and easy demonstration utility.

Standard Design Formats

Microstation upholds importing and exporting of industry-standard CAD formats and also combines different data & file formats.

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