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Pre-Basic Engineering Design Services

Pre-Basic Engineering is first stage for any Greenfield or Brownfield project and probably one of most important stage of any project. Pre-basic engineering design helps to create various engineering packages that can provide various designing services to the clients without any delay. Chemionix has availed a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who uniquely identify such packages and help the people to get the services in the most efficient manner. It include plant sitting report, permit application, process design study, property data collection, economic feasibility study and financial engineering.

Plant Siting Report:

  • Visit to existing site for Brownfield project or new site for Greenfield project for site study and understanding new project requirement for a new perspective. Project site visit is important at 1st stage for any new project and Chemionix brings a whole new dimension for evaluating new project with the help of new project executed over a period of time.

Permit Application:

  • Providing all the technical data to obtain necessary Government permit's for smooth liaison procedure. Chemionix team provide all the technical drawings & design required for initial permit application before start of any project. Chemionix team also evaluates existing permits available with any Company and new permits requires for a brownfield project.

Process Design Study:

  • Before embarking on a large project, particularly if the process iSs the first of its kind. Chemionix recommend starting with a process design study. The process design basis set the input stream physical and process characterizations, desired operating goals and constraints for the new production unit.
  • Engineering Design Outsourcing – Pharmaceutical Plant 1
  • Engineering Design Outsourcing – Pharmaceutical Plant 2
  • Engineering Design Outsourcing – Pharmaceutical Plant 2

Physical Property Data Collection:

  • Searching for thermodynamic and physical property data of chemical substances id of primary important for effective detail engineering design & Hazop study.

Economic Feasibility Study:

  • Proper feasibility can be your guard to wishful thinking. Chemionix experience is unmatched in designing and conducting full-scale studies that consider investment and operating costs, time value of money, risk and uncertainty, quality of available data, & sensitivity of assumptions. We provide our clients with recommendations that make sense. Feasibility studies and project evaluation have become increasingly important since it signals the success of any project.

Preparing Financial Engineering Report:

  • Assess the "seed capital" needs of the business project and how these needs will be met.
  • Estimate capital requirements for facilities, equipment and inventories and overall project cost.
  • Determine replacement capital requirements and timing for facilities and equipment.
  • Estimate start-up capital needs until revenues are realized at full capacity.
  • Break-even point analysis.