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offering wide range of Engineering Design
and CAD / BIM Drafting Services
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Mission And Values

Building Strong & Collaborative Bond

At chemionix, we engage in building a strong relationship for a deeper understanding of what really goes into the need for our clients. All this requires a collaborative, strong approach. This also keeps us apart from others.
We work with a mission to deliver high-quality Engineering Design & CAD Drafting services with great accuracy and consistency. We work with a mission to make the outsourcing experience completely hassle-free from the beginning to the very end. Our domain knowledge and expertise allow us to pay close attention to all your needs and deliver nothing short of excellence.

Customer Satisfaction At Its Best

Being customer-centric is a core value of Chemionix and nothing makes us happier than a satisfied client. We operate with complete integrity and honesty in all circumstances. We take the confidentiality of information with utmost sincerity by leveraging our forces only for the best. We believe our work culture pushes us to perpetually go higher than and on the far side of client’s expectations. We work on the Why's organize and document all the teachings learnt.
We assure you that our services are 100% precise, at par with Clients' specifications and are delivered at the fastest possible turnaround time! We are focused to deliver the best, even at Rush-hours and are always committed to delivering par excellence.
We guarantee top-notch customer satisfaction and consider a client's word-of-praise precursor to our holistic development and growth! We believe in our competencies, and deliver what we promise.

Chemionix Mission & Values:

  • Value Addition & Innovative Approach for working on CAD Outsourcing Projects with our International Clients.
  • On-time & Accurate Design Deliveries.
  • Client Centric working Approach.
  • Be Ethical & Honest in our Actions.
  • Employee Friendly working Atmosphere Driving their Skills and Entrepreneurship.
  • To become top 5 Outsourcing Company for Engineering Design & CAD Drafting Services in next few years.