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Civil & MEP Estimation Services

At Chemionix we have expert team of Construction estimator for all engineering disciple like Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing for generating accurate estimation sheets & material take-off for your projects for wide spectrum of projects like residential building, commercial projects & Industrial projects. We have team of qualified Engineers & Estimator having good experience & understanding reading & analyzing the detailed design process which is required for proper estimation & take-off for any project.

Our approach involves an estimating phase in assigning a lead estimator whose experience and leadership gives for a great fit for the team and the project. The lead estimator have good experience understanding the design document as produced by either design consultant which might be basic Or detailed in nature for generating the estimate without changing the design parameter.

Detailed Estimating begins with the understanding that every stage of a specific project is associated with a cost of its own. This is one of the significant reasons why estimating involves the process of first listening to you and the owner. This listening process is to understand your project goals while predicting costs by understanding the market conditions, making full use of the supplier and subcontractor relationships for pricing and constructability.

To offer you the highest value, we adapt to our services to your project requirements. Outsourced or In-house, large scale or small, with a combined understanding and a personalised strategic approach, we provide you exactly what you've asked for, whilst meeting project timelines and maximising profitability. All our systems and software used by our team are set up carefully to make sure your business data is well-secured. We promise on having all your information safely stored with every work undertaken strictly under confidential guidelines.

What is the need for Civil & MEP Estimation Services?

Cost Estimates provide the right and strong foundation for planning the schedule and budget, the accuracy of an estimate. This can help in determining whether or not the project can meet its objectives or not. A few of the benefits associated with producing accurate cost estimates include:

Detailed Planning:

When you're able to accurately know what tasks and resources are needed to complete work, you will be able to firmly produce a work breakdown schedule, assign work to staff and adhere to projected timelines.

Improved Profit Margins:

Different factors that can cause job costs to increase a job's life cycle, that presents a risk of completing the work within budget and hitting profitability targets. Detailed estimating accounts for expected and unexpected costs and helps protects your profit margins.

Improved resource management:

With great insight into your task and timelines needed to complete your work, you can have surety on the specific skills needed to complete every deliverable, identity resourcing gaps, hire an additional employee as needed and take on amazing new projects.

Stronger client relationships:

When you're able to explain the 'Why' question to your clients, they're more likely to trust your expertise and expect changes to the cost eliminate as part of the project progresses, which result in better working relationships.

Better reputation & repeat business:

With timely deliveries on affordable budgets, you're likely to create very happy customers, with repeat business and great referrals.
Our estimating department comprises professional estimators, all of who are specialized in one or more disciplines to outsource estimation services for Building Services & MEP projects.